September 19, 2021




Descansos mark the moment when an intended journey took an unintended detour. They draw the gaze to a stranger’s last vista—to feel the very end, and sometimes even what comes after.

Descansos is an anthology of poetry, flash fiction, essays, and short stories that pull over by the roadside and gaze into the distance through the eyes of dead strangers and the hearts of those who remember them.

– Susannah Carlson, Editor

Featuring Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Essays By:

Jesse Sensibar

Terence Kuch

Cate McGowan

Armine Mortimer

Tyson West

Richard King Perkins II

Terresa Cooper Haskew

D. Dina Friedman

Frank Russo

Amber Colleen Hart

Brian Morgan

Ivan Faute

Ellaraine Lockie

Kurt Newton

Jon Black

Lita Kurth

C.A. Cole

Kevin Wetmore

Woody Woodger

Diana Brown

Jonathan Ochoco

Teressa Rose Ezell

Nick Bouchard

Fred Zackel

Dave Holt

Nicole Scherer

Nancy Brewka-Clark

Jack Mackey

John Z. Guzlowski

Scot Friesen

Pamela Ahlen

Catherine A. Lee

Mary Silwance

Hal Ackerman

Jackie Davis Martin

Karen Bovenmyer