May 27, 2024

Sanctuary – Media Kit

Sanctuary Front Cover
Sanctuary Front Cover 400×600 72dpi (web & email friendly)




Front Cover 400×643@72dpi (web & email friendly)

Front Cover 600×900@72dpi

Front Cover 600×965@300dpi

Front Cover 2475×1550@300dpi (high res)


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Pulitzer Prize winner, Jonathan FreedmanJonathan Freedman
“Beautifully done and full of exotic surprises”
Dr. Marie Grodin quotation
Dr. Marie Godin, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford
“This anthology could not be more timely. Each piece opens up a space of refuge for each of us to explore, understand, and imagine what sanctuary means to oneself and to others.”

Julien Poirer

“Currents of solidarity and wit under fire run deep through this glittering, timely anthology. As we stop out together onto the hard road ahead, ‘Sanctuary’ will be peeking out from the top of my knapsack.”