July 21, 2024

What We Talk About When We Talk About It Vol 2

What We Talk About When We Talk About It Vol 2

What We Talk About When We Talk About It Front Cover

What is love, anyhow? You can love your partner, your friend, your country, your dog, cat, rat, your local library, your family, yourself. You can love money, liquor, food, wilderness, or the dive bar on the corner. What does love make people do? What will people give for it? What will they steal?

What We Talk About When We Talk About It is a literary exploration of the myriad faces of this powerful four-letter word.

Featuring work by:
Emerson Tenney, Lisa Dordal, Amanda Moore, Flo Golod, Jackie Craven, Sage, MeeRee Orlandini, Dennis Mombauer, Sharon L. Charde, Jenn Richter, Emily Rapp Black, Kat Hausler, Ryan Havely, Erika Rasmussen, Sylvia Maultash Warsh, Kathleen Hayes Phillips, Carolyn Martin, Jesse Sensibar, Bryan Shawn Wang, Susan Kress, Ellaraine Lockie, Lita Kurth, Jason Arias, Susan Cummins Miller, William Derge, Mel Carlson, Marilyn Horn, R. R. Shepard, L M Harrod, Catherine Edmunds, Rose M. Smith, Mary Maddox, Charlie Watts, D. Dina Friedman, Morrow Dowdle, Neil Brosnan, R. Bratten Weiss, Sharon J. Wishnow, Taunja Thomson, Jack Mackey, James M. LeCuyer, Evan L. Balkan, John Guzlowski, Paula Rudnick, Dallas Woodburn, Mary Silwance, Corrie Haldane, Rosaleen Bertolino, Woody Woodger

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-945467-24-0
eBook ISBN: 978-1-945467-26-4